aboutusDurable Medical Supply, Inc. is a leader in the community and strives to serve its patients’ needs as if the patient were a member of our own family. We understand when you request our goods or services it is usually due to an illness or injury beyond your control. Therefore, our goal is to serve you safely, efficiently and with compassion.

Durable Medical Supply, Inc.’s objectives are as follows:

  • Durable Medical Supply, Inc.’s patient base serves Fayette county and the surrounding areas.
  • Our staff must always make sure the patient is the most important part of any transaction.
  • Patient needs vary from patient to patient. Durable Medical Supply, Inc. must recognize and assess each patient’s individual needs and provide equipment and services as per law, physician’s orders and to maximize the comfort of the patient.
  • Durable Medical Supply, Inc. must have policies in place that assure the patient they are receiving the quality care they deserve.