Custom Rehabilitation

Do you require wheelchair customization? At Durable Medical Supply you will be provided the assistance of an Assistive Technology Professional (ATP). An ATP is a service provider who analyzes the needs of consumers with disabilities, assists in the selection of appropriate technology, and providing training in the use of selected devices.

Our Mobility and Seating Solutions include:

    -Power Wheelchairs    
    -Manual and Lightweight Wheelchairs    
    -Adaptive Seating    
    -Standing and Positioning Frames    
    -Specialty Ambulatory and Toileting Aids    
    -Specialty Bathing Aides    
    -Rental Equipment – Complex Rehab    
    -Portable Ramps

Why Custom-Rehab?

A properly fitted wheelchair/power chair is important for individuals of all ages who must spend more than 8 hours a day in their chairs. A chair that is specifically fitted to your size, weight, and physical requirements can prevent deterioration. If you are fit with the incorrect chair, your body will be in incorrect posture. One that is custom fit can improve your day to day living by giving you more independence. This is called complex rehabilitation.

How We Fit?

We take into account the diagnosis and its progression. We understand the diagnosis and make our chairs adaptable, so that as the condition progresses, the chair can be modified for these changes. Medicare/Insurance companies will only pay for 1 chair every five years and some diagnosis' change the body month to month.

In our seating clinic, our highly experienced team works with you and a physical or occupational therapist to set specific goals in the building process of your custom chair for a maximum level of independence. We build the chair for your body, diagnosis and lifestyle. Our design team specializes in custom fitting pediatric wheelchairs, as well as chairs for adults and seniors.


Why Durable Medical Supply?

Durable Medical Supply Inc. is one of only a few companies in south metro Atlanta who are registered with organizations such as NRRTS, RESNA and are certified providers of custom wheelchairs and power chairs. We also employ Assistive Technology Professionals which are required to be present when dealing with high end rehab services. These technologists are tested on a national level and must abide by strict guidelines when performing a seating with a physical therapist.


Where We Fit?

Our service area for complex rehab is the entire southeast.